Withersdane Hall

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Withersdane Hall is a private residential and outpatient treatment facility for alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, depression, gambling and other behavioural health disorders. As a Dual Diagnosis unit, Withersdane Hall programmes are designed to effectively integrate the treatment of both substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders simultaneously, thereby providing each client with a tailored, more balanced and comprehensive approach.

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    History behind Our Facilities

    Withersdane Hall, formerly an Imperial College of London campus, was used as an agricultural college and university Halls of Residence until 2009. It sits in acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, boasting tennis courts, croquet lawn, ornamental gardens and a theatre. The Hall was built in the early 1800s as a private residence and since then it has been used for various purposes with a rich history behind it.

    Home away from Home

    Family Stay

    As Addiction and Mental Health issues affect the whole family, healing the family as a unit becomes an essential building block to initial recovery, the creation of a strong support system and general long-term fulfilment.

    Our addiction rehab and mental health treatment services go further than encouraging family members to stay involved in their loved one’s recovery and enable them to remain closer during the course of treatment. On our Withersdane Hall campus grounds, we designated private single family accommodation blocks which are ideal for family members to stay together and actively engage in their loved one’s recovery in a way that has never been possible before.


    When you need a breather

    The Respite Programme was developed specifically in mind for those suffering from anxiety, stress and depression as well as a top-up service for those in later stages of recovery having gone through primary care.

    Let us provide you with the ideal place to find respite from external and internal factors, whether you need to unwind, take some time out or recharge. The Withersdane Hall Respite Programme welcomes you within beautiful surroundings and in a warm atmosphere with all the comforts you deserve.

    Great place… wonderfully talented staff who provide a fantastic level of support, advice and help with the long journey of recovery… they never give up on you… thank you xxxx

    Jayne Halliwell
    March 22, 2016

    WH is fast becoming the UK destination for wellness.

    Elizabeth Hearn
    April 30th, 2015