When you need a breather
The Respite Programme was developed specifically in mind for those suffering from anxiety, stress and depression as well as a top-up service for those in later stages of recovery having gone through primary care.

Let us provide you with the ideal place to find respite from external and internal factors, whether you need to unwind, take some time out or recharge. The Withersdane Hall Respite Programme welcomes you within beautiful surroundings and in a warm atmosphere with all the comforts you deserve.

Our daily lives can certainly be stressful and constantly assaulted by several outside sources of stress. However, things generally become too intense when the weight of unresolved emotional issues add onto the everyday triggers and challenges. What starts out as a build up of stresses quickly contributes to hindering a healthier lifestyle and the ability to maintain daily commitments.

Taking time out to not only learn to relax but to acquire psychological knowledge about what we find difficult to process can make all the difference in how we experience our own life and ourselves.

With this perspective, the Respite Programme derives from a holistic approach to improve overall mental, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. The programme is most suitable for those who do not require the intensity and observation of primary care but would benefit from a more flexible schedule of daily therapy combined with activities and outings to foster new hobbies, interests and improve social skills.

Our team will work with you to improve all aspects of your wellbeing and ensure that your time spent with us serves to be inspirational as well as introspective, helping you look within, focus on your strengths and reconnect with what inspires you and makes you happy. As an important part of general healing, we also encourage all our clients to relax and pamper themselves.

Each treatment programme is carefully tailored to the needs of our clients. We take into consideration any preferences, expectations, routines, likes and dislikes as we strive to help all clients to gain inner harmony as the best defence against external challenges.

* An initial risk assessment is carried out for all incoming clients to confirm suitability.