What To Bring

Packing for a place you have never been to can be daunting. You might even be feeling too fragile to get through packing. Bear in mind that you are coming for a time out and the items you bring should reflect that. Think simple and comfortable and make packing a breeze.

You will be provided with amenities equivalent to that of a hotel including towels, linens, stationary and some toiletries. Throughout the programme, various opportunities will be presented to shop for needed items or request them to be purchased for you.

There are a few prohibited items that could obviously interfere with your or another client’s recovery and therefore these items would not be allowed on site. These include but are not limited to weapons, alcohol, drugs, sedatives, narcotics and muscle relaxants.

What we require that you bring is all prescribed medication (please advise your intake counsellor about any medications you bring with you)*, comfortable casual clothing including a sweater and pyjamas and some workout/gym gear as well as underwear and socks.

Additionally, you might like to consider bringing the following:

  • Spending cash – for purchasing extra toiletries, clothes, and necessities.
  • Laptop, iPad, iPod and your favourite books/novels.
  • Extra toiletries and personal hygiene items.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Shaving foam, electric razors.
  • Swimwear.
  • Slippers.
  • Rain coat.
  • Personal art supplies or musical instruments.
  • Remember you can even bring your furry companion. When doing so, please don’t forget to pack their meals. We will provide them with bowls.

If you have any hesitations or concerns, please feel free to consult with your admissions coordinator.

* Upon arrival, staff will request to perform a check in your presence.