Family Stay

Home away from Home

As Addiction and Mental Health issues affect the whole family, healing the family as a unit becomes an essential building block to initial recovery, the creation of a strong support system and general long-term fulfilment.

Our addiction rehab and mental health treatment services go further than encouraging family members to stay involved in their loved one’s recovery and enable them to remain closer during the course of treatment. On our Withersdane Hall campus grounds, we designated private single family accommodation blocks which are ideal for family members to stay together and actively engage in their loved one’s recovery in a way that has never been possible before.

The first step to acknowledge that you can benefit from professional support and find the right treatment can be a daunting task, let alone worrying about how the treatment process will affect your life and commitments. Many of our clients show the necessary willingness to transform their lives however they get taken back by the challenges of taking the time needed to get help whilst maintaining commitments and managing their family lives.

Traditionally, clients are asked to fully immerse themselves in their healing and consequently to step away from the outside distractions that may interfere with their recovery process. However, with family obligations and work commitments this can translate into additional stresses, broken focus and compromised time schedules which can hinder the transition into a healthier life.

Bringing the most significant parts of your life into treatment can bring a positive and dynamic facet to your recovery as you learn to actively interact with your family members on a day-to-day basis in a completely different manner. This can help bring a practical process to your treatment, which traditionally comes in the following phases of recovery, as you can embrace daily opportunities to break the past unproductive behaviours, recognise hidden triggers and apply newly acquired constructive tools. With our clinical team’s full support, you will have access to all the comprehensive therapy offered by our residential programmes, whereby having the effect of bringing treatment home rather than secluding yourself to receive support.

Family stay option is available as an ancillary service for both the primary care (including detox) and secondary care programmes.