Admissions Process

Getting support can start with one phone call. However, we do know this is easier said than done when there are so many emotions you might be going through as you decide to reach out for help.

If this is the first time you are seeking help, you might be feeling overwhelmed as you embark into what feels like an unknown land. Even for those that might had been in treatment previously, there could now be a new set of questions and concerns to make sure that your needs will be met completely and that this will mark the beginning of a sustainable recovery.

Whatever your situation, concerns and questions are, we know each and every one of them are valid and we are here to address them to help you have the best experience possible right from the beginning. For making such an important and difficult decision in your life, from the moment you reach out to us, we will be there to guide you and bring relief whenever we can.

When you call our clinics, you will immediately be put through to an admissions coordinator who will do their best to answer most of your questions about our services and explore the options that would be most suitable to your and your loved one’s needs. You can trust that our admissions coordinators are highly experienced and truly committed to assisting you in finding the support you need, so you can speak freely to them about your needs in full confidence as they will openly explore with you how we can help. During the call, they may discuss with you the expected length of stay, the programme fees, logistics, arrival dates, accommodation options, advise you on what to bring, as well as taking note of any specific preferences you may have relating to your stay in order to prepare for your arrival.

An immediate admission can usually be arranged over the phone as well as further assessments.