Medically supervised detoxification marks the first stage for all clients embarking on treatment from substance and alcohol abuse including painkillers and/or a combination of drugs.


As substance abuse may lead to physical dependence, it can be very difficult, unpleasant and often times dangerous for clients to stop their use on their own. Such attempts can result in severe withdrawal symptoms beyond cravings and the urge to relapse and leave individuals feeling very fragile both physically and mentally. Serious complications may arise especially with the existence of other co-occurring mental health disorders.


Our detox programme addresses all the challenges of the detoxification process in a safe environment, providing medical and psychological support as necessary.

Being under the supervision of caring professionals that include consulting physicians, psychiatrists and psychotherapeutic support from the residential treatment team can make all the difference in turning the most difficult period in recovery into a strong foundation toward your wellbeing.

Our team works collectively to ensure that the detoxification stage does not discourage you but instead strengthens your resolve in the process of healing.


As addiction appears in many forms, the detox process varies from client to client. Although, medication is commonly incorporated into our detoxification programme, some clients may not necessarily require any medication or wish to manage their detox without them.

The clinical team assesses each client individually after careful examination of their medical and mental history and taking note of their preferences. Following this a tailored solution is prepared taking safety and specific circumstances into account.


From the moment you give our clinics a call, you are not alone! We offer 24 hour support with qualified staff on site all day, everyday.

We understand that asking for help is not always easy and it is often prompted by a crisis point in life which may be taking a psychical and mental toll. Due to this, our staff works around the clock and is always prepared to begin stabilisation whenever the need arises.

Moreover, we supplement detox with varied therapies in order to make sense of these sudden changes in mind and body as well as preparing for the next steps once detox is completed.


Contrary to popular belief, detox can be a relatively fast process which may take place in 4 to 7 days, although there are no set standards that will apply to everyone. The substance being used as well as specific needs and circumstances play an important role in determining the length of the detoxification process required. For this reason, it is important to view detox as a personalised treatment period rather than a set amount of time that will apply to everyone. Some patients feel ready to move onto the next stage of their recovery within a few days whilst others may feel they need a few more days or even weeks before progressing. Our admission specialists are able to inform you regarding the estimated time frames over the phone.

We do not offer ultra-rapid detox as our priority is providing effective and safe solutions which are proven to contribute towards longer lasting results.

Regardless of the substance one is detoxing from, the key to a successful and sustainable recovery is to follow this crucial first step up with comprehensive therapy. The purpose of detox is to remove the physical dependence on a substance and gain balance, allowing you to focus on the psychological factors which triggers addictive behaviours.