On January 20th of this year, The Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall hosted our first international visit from a leading university, as 20 undergraduates of the faculty of Abnormal Psychology, led by their dean,  Dr. Michael Ichiyama spent the day with us at Withersdane and Promis, Hay Farm. The students are all studying Abnormal Psychology with an emphasis on adult psychopathology and were invited to join us at our new facility in Wye as part of a short-term, faculty-led study abroad programme between January 3rd and 23rd.

It was a very enjoyable and stimulating visit and we were very impressed with the passion and interest shown by students and staff. Sabrina Kaiser, their International Studies Abroad Advisor, generously offered us the following feedback:

On January 20th, The Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall welcomed our Abnormal Psychology class to their centre near Ashford in Kent, where we got a tour of the grounds, followed by a stimulating and informative lecture from Jef Mullins covering the history of the centre and their approach to Mental Health recovery with a focus on Addictions therapy. After a lovely lunch, half of our group was taken to visit Promis clinics at Hay Farm, where we heard from Benbow about the history, layout, and therapy approach of their facility. The other half of our group participated in a mock process group led by Jef, which one of the students cited as her favorite part not only of the day, but of our entire 3-week program in London. Many thanks to Jef and the whole Withersdane Hall and PROMIS teams for an engaging and meaningful experience for our students!

Sabrina Kaiser

International Studies Abroad Advisor
Office of International Studies Abroad
International Center
University of San Diego


The Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall, a former Imperial College London Agricultural Faculty Halls of Residence, with over 350 lecture halls, bedrooms and even a 400 seat theatre, set in 20 acres of landscaped gardens, is an ideal site for our long-held ambition to provide not only top quality Mental Health treatment, but a true learning community focused on wellness. We very much look forward to future visits and the many courses and training days we plan on the site.